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September 2017 issue

September 2017 issue

Luca Bosurgi Inspirational mind-spirit coach and healer, author and visionary speaker, creator of Mind Fitnes, CognitiveOS Hypnosis and the founder and CEO of the Mind Fitness Lab Corp. Luca Bosurgi was born in Rome, Italy, to an aristocratic Italian family, the... read more
August 2017

August 2017

SANDRO MONETTI British Entertainment Journalist “The secret to happiness is helping others and if ever my work helps anyone learn, laugh or feel inspired then I’m a very happy guy,” says Sandro Monetti. A leading international entertainment reporter regularly-seen on... read more
July 2017 issue

July 2017 issue

Mara Beltrami New M ara likes to say she has a lot to be grateful for, and that she considers every day a blessing. Born in Milan, Italy, Mara hails from the Beltrami House of Fashion, which was launched in the 1900’s. Mara’s family began as tailors and shoemakers and... read more
June 2017 issue

June 2017 issue

Peter Andrew Soli A man of many trades, How to handle Fatherhood, business & giving back From childhood actor in the classic movie Lassie to criminal lawyer, restaurateur, and philanthropist, Peter Soli has kept busy living a very exciting and varied life. Within... read more

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How to stop Worrying

How to stop Worrying

By Nancy E. Yearout I am intrigued with a book that I have been reading about how to stop worrying. I picked it up at an old book warehouse in Rockport Texas. This hard cover book that I paid $1.00 for was written in 1944 By Dale Carnegie. Yes, the same Dale Carnegie... read more
Arthritis  Traced  To Past- Life Actions

Arthritis Traced To Past- Life Actions

By Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing? That is what I set out to prove during a yearlong research project. Fifty volunteers, ranging in age... read more
An Email from  a Librarian

An Email from a Librarian

By Janine L. Kimmel feature photo by TJ Drysdale What appears as random, may be, but more likely it is not random at all. One late afternoon, in mid February, I received an email from a librarian of a middle school in Orange County, California. I... read more
The Energy  of Engagement

The Energy of Engagement

By Angela Dunning Engagement is a two-way process requiring self-belief, intention and energy. Whether we are wishing to engage with another person, a horse, or life in general, any form of engagement and progress requires us to take the first step. We must locate the... read more
Remembering the Sweetness

Remembering the Sweetness

By Jan Diana My Beloved Children of Heart, “It is a time of great celebration. Can you hear the bells ringing in recognition of the wonderment that is unfolding? Listen with your heart, allowing the sweetness of the joyful notes to fill you with serenity. The time is... read more
The Burden of Being  “The Feeling Bearer”

The Burden of Being “The Feeling Bearer”

By Angela Dunning During my training to become an Equine Facilitated Learning practitioner, I was introduced to the idea of the “feeling bearer” in each family by one of my trainers, Kathleen Barry Ingram. The “feeling bearer” is usually more sensitive than their... read more


By Rhys Thomas Is this all there is?  The little voice in your head just won’t let up. Your life is good. Your job brings in enough money to support you and your family. You may even be climbing the ladder in your career, on your way to becoming a business owner or a... read more


By Michael White Ryan The essence within the principals of Feng Shui was deliberately shrouded in mystery, so as not to unveil its true nature, a powerful and empowering resource of the simple and complex knowledge of all that is, the past, the now, the future. The... read more
The Science  of Mastering Sleep

The Science of Mastering Sleep

By Sifu Matthew As a society, we are trained to move forward with fervor: grasp the next idea; improve at rapid paces to achieve; maintain beauty, fitness, and wealth -- and compete at all costs. Striving at this rapid continuum can secretly deplete our invaluable... read more
10 Reasons  Why You Should Adopt a Pet

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet

By Victor Wade Thinking of having a puppy that wags its tails and runs to you joyfully at your every beck and call? Or, thinking of having that cute little ball of fur called a kitten running about playfully in your house? Thinking about going to the nearby pet store... read more

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