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Discover the path to peaceful living among other living beings. We are all made of vibration and light in the universe to manifest our energy around all livingness.
Respect and honor animals, plants and everything in our beautiful Universe.....We are all connected.

With the rise of the online sector as the primary source of news and communications, Eden Magazine is here to take you to the world of living a healthier, in harmony and cruel free among each another. Eden Magazine goal is to promote inner change, and thoughts through educational tools to acquaint us with our world.


We encourage you to join and assist us if your work resonates strong and positive changes. We also focus on awareness and educational articles and sources to promote and emphasize humane, environmental to the next generation of animal lovers. We are here to inspire everybody through our arts, articles, and pictures for a better way to live on this beautiful earth of us.
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Maryam Morrison
Editor & Publisher

Our goal is to bring harmony, positive thoughts & love into your life.

Our Thought

Hope For The Earth

By: Mashubi Rochell

Morrison_4_All Woman_Dreamy Woman.jpgThe future of the earth lies in our hands, and not only in our hands but in our hearts, our minds, and in the ability that each of us has to contribute to the vast network of light and of consciousness of which we form a part. This network includes every living soul and allows each of us to make more of a contribution to the whole of life than our smaller self would have us believe is possible. Yet, the truth is that each heart and each life makes a difference of immense proportions to the outcome of what shall be. For this reason, we must each assume responsibility for what we think and feel and come to understand that it is only by purifying our emotions, thoughts, and energy body that a new life for the earth can begin and new solutions be found to the problems of old that have beset mankind and continue to do so.

The choice is ours and the possibilities are great. For in every heart there is a wish for peace and in every heart there is distress at the suffering of others as well as at our own. Yet, our difficulty in conceiving of our own interconnectedness with others and our sense of being small rather than large can prevent the kind of alignment with light that is so greatly needed today in order to bring mankind’s consciousness to the next level of its expression.

Today, there is hope for the earth and for each soul who inhabits her sphere and it lies in this: that through the greater advent of light on earth we are becoming more aware of our inner relationship to each other and with our own souls, and out of this sense of interconnection shall grow an immediacy of love and of responsibility which no longer permits the divisions among groups and among nations that presently exists.

This love will display itself not only in outer action, but in inner knowledge, and not only in the wish to do good but in the wish to become a representative and embodiment of that which is ultimately good, namely, God. This then is the call to all nations - it is a call for people everywhere to meet the challenge and the opportunity of this pivotal time in human history with a sense of hope and of vision. It is a call to meet God’s heart from a place of our own that seeks the expression of our soul and the presence of a lasting peace.





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