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By Jan Diana

My Beloved Children of Heart,

“Greetings! May your hearts be open to receive the illuminations of wisdom which will be showered upon you this day and always.

As you walk through your daily life during this glorious time upon Earth, you are offered opportunities for a greater understanding of the plan. The plan I speak of is what we all created together in the beginning.

Each one has their own individual plan as well as is an active participant in the plan for all. We are a family of light, each experiencing our individual self as well as the collective experience of all of us.

We are on this grand adventure together. This adventure allows us to experience ourselves in new and different ways. This makes it possible to expand our concept of ourselves, who we are and what that means as infinite beings of light and possibilities.

Exploring our nature through these experiences on a world of polarity has offered a variety of flavors for us to taste and thus experience. The value in this cannot be fully comprehended yet at this point in the plan. Let us just say it is truly remarkable.

The one constant that you are assured is that you are divine truth, and by that nature you are endowed with infinite potential to create and express. Your truth is most glorious for you are beings of light, made of the pure essence of divine love.

You may have been living a life where you perceived yourself as having limitations. Perhaps you felt you were never good enough to reach certain desired stations.

Let me share with you now that even if you have had those thoughts and experiences in the past, they no longer have to define you or your life. You are rising beyond those limiting perceptions and beliefs, allowing more light to enter into your lives.

You are choosing a lighter world where peace abides.  You can feel this reality calling to your heart. You are remembering more of your truth.  The light showering upon you is filling your heart with joy.

Soon you will fully remember what it means to be purposefully choosing and creating all that your heart desires to experience.  The more you remember the greater sense of self, your true self is known, linking you into a greater connection to the passion that is driving you forward.

Yes My Beloveds, your passion to fulfill your dreams is blossoming. The desire and passion to accomplish your purpose is the driving force moving you forward on your journey of life. Coming into greater awareness brings such a sense of peace.  You can feel you are closer to reaching the state of knowing. Remembering truth is very pleasurable.

It really is quite a grand adventure fueled by the choices on the many pathways. Each pathway offers you opportunities to discover more pieces that fit into that big picture you are putting together.

You are already experiencing in a different way. The power of your focus is becoming stronger, enhancing your ability to reach the higher levels of awareness of truth. This then fuels that passion within to search for more pieces to your picture of truth.

It is a glorious adventure of discovery. Each piece fans the flame of your hearts passion to reach further into the mysteries, discovering jewels along the trail leading you to the next piece and then the next and so forth.

Yes My Beloveds, your journey is a grand adventure. Now during these times of great change, as you take your next steps into greater awareness, you will begin to see and know truth more easily. You can feel the excitement in these words as your heart testifies to you of this truth.

Enjoy the discovery. Fuel your passion and allow yourself to experience life in new ways. After all you are a great adventurer. You will continue to explore and experience in new ways yet to be discovered.

There is great pleasure in the process of discovery. The journey brings with it great joy in the experiences of enlightenment. There is of course also a grand prize as you reach further and further into the vastness of possibilities in your glorious plan. The potential lies within you. You have all the gifts and innate abilities to accomplish your plan and receive the glorious prize you so desire.

Enjoy the process My Beloveds.  It is a journey of many steps and stages, each offering great joy in their accomplishment. You will be very pleased with what you achieve in your personal experiences.

Discover the truth piece by piece and magnify it into infinite possibilities. This will lead you to what your knowing heart desires. This is your dream unfolding.

Be of good cheer My Beloveds for the prize is beyond description. Enjoy your journey. Listen to the calling of your heart as it passionately leads you through the many steps, to the ultimate treasure. Shamon”

With great love,

Your Beloved Mother

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website | or by email Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. FREE CLASS- “The Gift of the Golden Rose”. Experience the Golden Rose Ray on a journey to the Sacred Gardens of Light, learning how this gift can bless your life. Class information & Registration at: