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By Jan Diana

My Beloved Children of Heart,

“May this message bring peace to your hearts as we begin to create many new beginnings. Yes, of course, it is the New Year where many make plans and goals to create and experience the desires that come to their hearts and minds.

What I speak of today, is a new beginning of life for you on this glorious planet Earth. The way has been made for all to step more lightly through life experiences.

The choices have been made which has allowed this great achievement. Congratulation to each of you, for everyone, has participated in this great wonder.

Though it may appear that there are some wishing to remain in the old stories, their wisdom knowing part of self-has chosen the greater vision.  It is only a matter of time that will bring each to their higher awareness. As we move into these glorious light energies, be of

no concern of what seems to be the unknown to you.  Your heart knows of the truth that lies ahead and will guide each of you accordingly. It is time to trust yourself.  Your loving essence within your heart is fully aware of the divine truth of you, of your sacred purpose and the desires you hold for your life experience.

Begin to consciously listen with openness to the whispers of your heart. As you do you will start to recognize more of your divinity, your loving nature as well as your divine attributes and innate gifts and abilities.

How exciting it will be for you to recognize your great wonder. To feel the sense of acceptance as you become aware of the love that is constantly supporting and embracing you free of any judgments of lesser value. You will be able to take this feeling of acceptance and move with greater confidence into creating the desires of your heart.

Heightened levels of clarity and focus are available as you become ready to embrace them. Releasing from the old stories and perceptions of judgments of lesser value is an important key to elevating your consciousness in ease and grace.

Prepare to release the old stories, utilizing many of the gifts and tools that are available to you. You may seek them out as a means to bring you into higher states of joy, wisdom and peace.

Your journey into higher consciousness is your path of mastery. Learning how to master your conscious thoughts and direct energy in a focused manner will be your destiny. As you free yourself from beliefs and perceptions that do not support your personal advancement, you will have greater peace. This will assist you to move more easily into the realms of infinite possibilities. Imagine what it will be like when in your great mastery, you have come to the place where if you desire to taste a fresh ripe strawberry, it will appear in your hand instantly! The opportunity for this and more will be available for you as you dream your visions of greatness, master your thoughts and direct energy in a focused manner.

It is all about aligning with your truth, that sweet essence within that is perfect love. The more you align with the frequencies and vibrations of divine truth, your personal advancements will lead you into higher states of conscious awareness.

The road to your mastery is paved with gold. Your heart will continually guide you, illuminating opportunities that you may choose and are ready for. It is a journey of many steps, and yet it is all within the grand design you hold as the greatest dream of your heart. Ponder on these words My Beloveds, for as you shift focus into your heart, with a desire to know the truth of these words, it will be made known to you.

Live in your present moment accessing through your heart that passion you hold so dearly. Allow yourself to move into greater awareness of your sacred truth. Celebrate these times as they present for each one the opportunity to be living their truth.

I celebrate each of you. My love forever shines upon you, leading you to that place of remembering your glory. Enjoy these times of new beginnings, as you step lighter on your journey. You are ready. Shamon”

With great love, Your Beloved Mother

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Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love,

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