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By Jan Diana

My Beloved Children of Heart,

“It is a time of great celebration. Can you hear the bells ringing in recognition of the wonderment that is unfolding? Listen with your heart, allowing the sweetness of the joyful notes to fill you with serenity.

The time is nearing for a great shift in the consciousness of humankind. You have been preparing for these moments throughout your life.

To begin to recognize divine truth in a more consciously aware state is a desire you have longed for your whole life, whether you have been fully aware of this desire or not. It has been a driving force for all beings since the beginning of time.

Today as we continue to move forward through a series of steps together, you will begin to feel a deep stirring within your heart. As you go into a space of quietness and allow yourself to be in the present moment, you will be able to notice this more fully. It is the awareness of the realization of the dream you have held within your heart, dancing in joy as it knows its time has come.

Yes My Beloveds, the time is at hand. You might ask, “How may I prepare to receive the greater understanding and awareness of this dream as it begins to unfold?”

Within your heart is the way to connect to all authentic truth. The greatest key to opening doorways of remembering that truth is to focus on being centered in your heart. Being in your heart means to be centered in love, peace, and joy. Divine truth has a frequency that is recognized through the heart communion.

To strengthen your heart connection, you can begin to spend some time daily with this intention. Here is a simple exercise that will assist you to center in your heart. Place your hand on your heart chakra. Take a deep slow relaxed breath with the focus on your heart. Now breathe out slowly and relaxed. As you feel yourself taking in the air filling your lungs with the breath of life, feel it also moving into your heart center. As you breathe out, see that breath of life go out to bless the world you live within.

Imagine and sense that with each breath you are filling your heart center with an abundance of love and as you breathe out you are sending love to the world. Centering in this way, allows you to feel the connection to your heart and to the oneness of all that is.

As you do this simple practice daily, you will begin to notice a sense of peace come over you. This peace will begin to ignite an aware state of being that will feel very familiar to you.

This truly is a wonderful practice, which will lift your spirit and bring you to a conscious awareness of your divine nature. Joyfulness will permeate your life experience as you continue to deepen your heart connection.

Think of your heart as a crystalline temple of light.  Within your sacred temple are the pillars of truth. Each pillar is radiating out the sweetness that glorifies the truth of all that is.

As you become more acquainted with your sacred temple, you will feel a greater connection to your true self. Oh the joy that awaits your deepest discovery of your true essence for it is of the purest love and lightness. Peace a bides within your temple of light for that is the nature of your divine essence, your sacred soul.

Remembering the sweetness of self is the dream of all living beings whether they are aware or still deeply held in the dreams of forgetting. The time will come when each will remember for it is the destiny of all.

Remembering truth is a glorious journey, filled with the discovery of much that has lain hidden on so many levels. Layer after layer will lift to reveal hidden jewels that lead to even greater discoveries, like breadcrumbs on a pathway to the great treasures of truth.

There is no greater joy than the discovery and witnessing of divine truth. Each element of recognition opens the heart to experience even greater joy, leading to a sense of restoring to the fullness of conscious awareness of the divine, a remembering of home.

As we make this journey together during this time of great celebration, may your feet walk upon the pathways of discovery with a great sense of surety.  Know that you are being guided in every moment.

Let the veils of forgetting slip away and embrace the greater light as it radiates upon you even now. Breathe into your heart and allow the love to flow in and out, bless you and all of our family of heart.

Indeed My Beloveds, we are one family of heart. You are remembering the joy.  This will fill you up with such a sweetness and peace flowing throughout you. Feel the resonance as it carries you higher and higher.

Remember, My Darlings you are love. Love is our source. Love is our nature. We are all love. All divine attributes are within the nature of love.

Open your minds and hearts to receive. Hear the bells as they ring the song of joy. Celebrate the greater awareness that blossoms and leads all onto the path of sweet love.  Shamon.”

With great love,

Your Beloved Mother

Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website or by email .

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