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By Nancy E. Yearout

Christmas is a time for giving of gifts to people we love and often to people we have never met. It’s that one time of year that we seem to forgive a bit easier and love even stronger. It’s a time when families and friends join together to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus The Holiday season brings joy to people that may not have held any joy in their hearts all year long. This is the one time of the year that you have an open door to do something kind for another person. Someone who is less fortunate than yourself. It really doesn’t matter what you do, the point is to do something to bring joy to another human being. If only for one day.

You can visit a retirement home in your area and read to the elderly and bring them some goodies. Stop by your local food bank and donate some canned goods. Listen for the sounds of the Salvation Army workers ringing their bells as you go about town and give to the needy. I know that the Salvation Army is always in need of small toiletries, clothing and volunteers. It is sad for me to say but your local food bank will consistently need donations.

There are numerous things that you can do to bring joy to another person’s life this Holiday Season. A kind word, a smile, or a compliment to a stranger can mean the world to a person who is going through a tough time in their life.

Many people are alone this time of year, and no one should be alone at Christmas time. We should all make sure our family, friends and neighbors have somewhere to go this Holiday. We should all be here for each other and love one another as love is the most powerful gift one can give.   

And if you don’t have any plans this Christmas and there a chance that you might be alone, know that you don’t have to be. Stop by your neighbors with a bottle of wineor dessert. Go to your local church and pray with the community, they won’t turn you away. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels and take food to the elderly, they can always use the help.

This Christmas give thanks that you’re alive and spread your Joy to the world!

Merry Christmas

Nancy E. Yearout is an author, a spiritual life coach, and a motivational speaker. Nancy has enjoyed an extensive corporate career as a sales coordinator with one of the Big Three automakers in Detroit. Her sales, management, and marketing skills have grown with each step of her business. Her success has blessed her with the real-life experience, knowledge, and common sense that is required to help others through life’s challenges. Nancy has been fortunate to acquire hands-on energy healing skills from an Aztec healer from Mexico, and she has helped many balance their energy fields. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way, resulting in the development of her skills as an intuitive, a tarot card reader, and a life coach. She utilizes these tools to guide her clients to joyful and successful lives. Nancy is the author of Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To