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Our Mission

The Eden Magazine Club (TEMC) is part of The Eden Magazine Inc, and is a unique one-of-a-kind online club which brings people and interests together.

TEMC members will enjoy the ability to network with other members and build oneness. TEMC allows for its members to enjoy special events and promotions thru a greater reach thru out the world.

The mission of The Eden Magazine Club is to inspire members in making a positive impact in their lives and on those around them. TEMC provides a positive environment to enhance children to learn about their surroundings. TEMC members provide a vast array of knowledge and harness that to make a
positive influence in all lives.

Through its articles, events, and stories, the magazine club encourages and enables people to improve relationships and engage in dialogue wherever they are: in business or schools, in their families, neighborhoods, and communities.

It leads readers to deepen and better understand the world around us and values that guide their lives, providing a forum for all those who share the ideals of peace, caring and oneness.

The Eden Magazine founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2012, and now presenting around the world. Its goal is to build unity in diversity for the benefit of humanity, based on ensuring love and peace are shared thru out the world.

Become a Member & Join Us in Uniting the World!

Eden Unite is a unique and collective group created with the soul intention of connecting people. We understand the challenge in sifting through the vast amount of information online to find the inspiration and empowerment that will enhance your life.

Becoming a member allows you to enjoy the convenience of networking with other members, building oneness through common interests and like-minded views.  You will be invited to connect with others on both a personal and business level by participating in special events as well as meaningful promotions that give back to those in need.

Members are also offered exclusive affinity programs that offer opportunities and discounts on a variety of services and supplies.

Eden Unite dedicated to carefully choosing companies to affiliate with us that align with our energy and mission so that we may provide members with an educational forum as speakers and programs, including yoga and meditation and much more. 

By helping others can make a difference, Thought our passion for all living beings we donate 50% of every dollar into charitable action!

and their passion for doing good into charitable action!




Join The Eden Magazine Club and get access to exclusive events, discounts, and content for a donation to our 501c foundation of $99 per year.