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You have it in you to become the happiest and most successful YOU, and we at HealThruwords® want to help you achieve that goal. Our know-how will help you each day. Reduce your inner and outer limits. We will help you achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom one step at a time.

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Organic to Green


We take our passion for sustainable organic ingredients and great beauty products seriously.  Our mission is to practice what we preach, love what we create, and simplify our everyday beauty routine.  Our results are handcrafted products made with pure organic coconut oil and infused with the most versatile plant-based ingredients.  Let us help make your life more simple, clean, and beautiful!
Organic to Green, we reuse glass and create eco-friendly skin & body care products for everyone. Reusing is the best form of recycling, it lengthens the life of an existing item and reduces waste all around the world.

That is why we developed the Reuse Glass Bottles Program, a community organization interested in reusing glass to support the well being of our planet. Through we help promote common businesses and organizations, we graciously receive various bottles that undergo a deep purification process. Our step by step method properly cleans, sanitizes, and sterilizes each bottle before we fill them with organic ingredients.

Each handcrafted collection represents unique bottles from our ReUseCycle program. Organically formulated with endless love and true quality.


The Eden Partners
Saffron Boutique



Saffron is a novelty boutique that carries exotic clothing and jewelry handpicked from India.

located it in 14106 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, California